Elephants in the Room: Buffalo Attendance Teachers

Elephants in the Room: Buffalo Attendance Teachers
Buffalo School Board need to reinstate the Attendance Teachers

Mamie Till Mobley

"I made a commitment to rip the covers off Mississippi, USA-revealing to the world the horrible face of race hatred. I took the privacy of my own grief and turned it into a public issue, a political issue, one which set in motion the dynamic force that led ultimately to a generation of social and legal progress in this country." (2003)

Death of Innocense: the Story of the Hate Crime that Changed America (2003)

"The jurors heard one thing that was important to them, and that was a white woman's claim that a black boy had insulted her. That was all they needed to know ... it was all they would consider in making up their minds." Mamie Till Mobley

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ishmael Reed Interviewed for the MRB

"I grew up in the projects in Buffalo new york and began to understand the power of words at a very early age in high school, found a short story work of fiction I wrote opened doors for me and I've been writing ever since, and all the things that have come to me in terms of prizes and income have been the result of my writing."
If I had not spend a bout five years in New York downtown among the art scene, I would have not been capable of writing the kind of style that I use. My style more akin to the collage or jazz which I play than to traditional linear non-fiction. In writing Barack Obama and Return of Jim Crow Media....Media has not changed its marketing strategy since 1830s with arrival of the penny press, the idea that African Americans and Africans are intellectually inferior, a side show to the news the source of all the country's problem that has not changed but getting worse, appearing there they would meet a black journalist in nation's news room and TV studio , but now they been bought out fire 100s of them, now an all white jury judging black Americans , institutions...

Ishmael Reed

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