Elephants in the Room: Buffalo Attendance Teachers

Elephants in the Room: Buffalo Attendance Teachers
Buffalo School Board need to reinstate the Attendance Teachers

Mamie Till Mobley

"I made a commitment to rip the covers off Mississippi, USA-revealing to the world the horrible face of race hatred. I took the privacy of my own grief and turned it into a public issue, a political issue, one which set in motion the dynamic force that led ultimately to a generation of social and legal progress in this country." (2003)

Death of Innocense: the Story of the Hate Crime that Changed America (2003)

"The jurors heard one thing that was important to them, and that was a white woman's claim that a black boy had insulted her. That was all they needed to know ... it was all they would consider in making up their minds." Mamie Till Mobley

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Annual Latin Journal Blog from the Barrio celebration

Join the celebration, Blogging under the Radar, 1st Anniversary celebration, August 27, 5PM to 8:30 PM,
Enjoy Sangria on the Lawn hear famous Puerto Rican Cuatro player Jorge Rodrigues, guitarist, Jose Rodriguez, and Jose Claudio, Trovador
last Friday of the summer, August, 27 call Sandra Jardine, publicist for details at 716 882-3715 or email sanchin15@yahoo.com

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